10/5000 Qiǎn tán diànlù bǎn de zhìzuò fāngfǎ On the production method of circuit board

- May 26, 2018-

The names of circuit boards include: PCB board, circuit board, aluminum board, high-frequency board, PCB, ultra-thin circuit board, ultra-thin circuit board, printed copper etching skill circuit board, etc. The circuit board makes the circuit miniaturized and visualized. On the fixed circuit mass production and optimization of electrical programs play an important role.

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Production process

1, the printed circuit board

    The printed circuit board will be printed out with a transfer paper, pay attention to one side of the sliding surface, usually two printed circuit boards, that is, two printed circuit boards on a single sheet of paper. Among them, choose the best printed circuit board for printing.

2. Board drilling

    The circuit board is to pierce the electronic components, so the circuit board must be drilled. The selection of the thickness of the electronic component is not the same pin bur, in the use of drilling rigs, the board must be stable Yaoan, drill speed can not open too slow, please see the detailed operation of the operator.

3, circuit board pretreatment

    After drilling, covered with fine sandpaper to the circuit board toner polished off, washed with water to clean the circuit board. After water, dry, coated with pine fragrance with a line side, to accelerate coagulation rosin, we heated with a heat gun board, can be coagulated rosin 2-3 minutes.

4, transfer circuit board

    The printed circuit board is cut to a suitable size, and the printed circuit board is attached to the copper clad board. After alignment, the copper clad board is placed in the heat transfer machine, and the transfer paper must be surely not dislocated. Generally speaking, the circuit board can be strongly transferred onto the copper clad board through 2-3 transfers. The heat transfer machine has been preheated in advance, and the temperature is set at 160-200 degrees Celsius, because the temperature is high, pay attention to safety during operation!

5, cutting CCL

    Use photographic plate to make the whole circuit board diagram. Copper clad laminates, that is, circuit boards that are coated with copper film on both sides, are used to cut the copper clad laminate into the size of the circuit board. It should not be too large to save data.

6, pre-treatment CCL

    The oxide layer on the outer surface of the copper clad plate is polished away with fine sandpaper to ensure that the carbon powder on the heat transfer paper can be printed on the copper clad plate firmly when transferring the circuit board. The polished standard is light on the surface of the clad plate. With stains.

7. Corrosion circuit board

    First check if the circuit board is in good condition. If there is a small amount of non-transferred area, it can be repaired with a black oil paint pen. Then it can be corroded. When the copper film exposed on the circuit board is completely eroded away, the circuit board is taken out of the etching solution and cleaned, so that a circuit board is corroded. Rich component is hydrogen peroxide etching solution, water, share 1: 2: 3, in the manufacture etching solution, hydrogen peroxide concentration ,, turn on the water, if operating, concentrated hydrogen peroxide or an etching solution accidentally spilled on the skin or clothing should be promptly wash with water, due to the use of corrosive solution, must pay attention to safety when operating!

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