PCB contact machining

- May 24, 2017-

The solder paint covers most of the copper surface of the circuit, exposing only the terminal contacts for the parts, welding, electrical testing, and circuit board splicing. The endpoint needs additional protective layers to prevent the end of the anode (+) from being used in the long term to produce oxides that affect circuit stability and cause safety concerns.

Plug gold plating hard endpoint of the circuit board (commonly known as the golden finger) gold layer is coated with a layer of nickel layer and high chemical inertness to protect and provide good performance on the endpoint, which contains cobalt, with excellent wear resistance.

Spraying tin on the welding end of the circuit board to cover a layer of tin lead alloy layer with hot air leveling method to protect the end of the circuit board and provide good welding performance.

Welding in the welding end on the circuit board to dip the way covered with a layer of anti pre welding coating, temporary protection before welding welding and welding end surfaces are flat, which has good welding performance.

Carbon ink prints a layer of carbon ink on screen contacts at the end of the circuit board to protect the endpoint and provide good connection performance.

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