PCB industry status

- May 24, 2017-

Benefiting from the continued support of new products and new markets in the terminal, the global PCB market has achieved recovery and growth successfully. Hongkong circuit board Association (HKPCA) data statistics, in 2011 the global PCB market will be stable development, is expected to grow by 6-9%, China is expected to grow by 9-12%. Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute (IEK) analysis report predicts that in 2011 the global PCB production value will increase 10.36%, $41 billion 615 million. According to Prismark's analysis data and the report issued by Societe Generale Securities Research and development center, the changes in PCB application structure and product structure reflect the future development trend of the industry. With single / double-sided, multilayer board output decline, increase of HDI board, packaging board and soft board output, that applied to computer motherboards, communication backplane, automobile plate and other areas relatively slow growth, and applied to the high-end mobile phone, notebook computer and other "lightweight" electronic products, HDI board the package board and soft board will also maintain rapid growth.

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