PCBA production

- May 24, 2017-

Minus method (Subtractive), is the use of chemical or mechanical circuit board blank (circuit board is covered with a piece of metal foil complete removal of unwanted places), the rest is required by a circuit.

Screen printing: the pre designed circuit diagram made good screen mask circuit does not need the screen will be covered with wax or impervious material, then put the mask into the blank screen line board, again on the screen was not oil corrosion protective agent, the circuit board on the corrosive liquid, not protected cover the part of the agent will be altered, the protective agent for cleaning.

Plate: the pre designed circuit system in light of the mask film (film projection the simplest approach is to use the printer prints), similarly to part should be printed as opaque colors, and then in the blank circuit board is coated with a light-sensitive pigment, adhesive sheet mask will be ready on the circuit board of light irradiation for several minutes, remove the mask with the developer on the circuit board pattern is displayed, finally as with the screen printing as the circuit corrosion.

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