Blood Pressure Machine Pcb Circuit Board

Blood Pressure Machine Pcb Circuit Board

Noeya's products are widely used in the medical field, such as the blood pressure machine PCB used in blood pressure Machine.
Board thickness:1.6MM
Layers:2 layers
Surface finishing:HASL lead free
Copper thickness,:1OZ
Silkscreen: White

Product Details

In order to check their own body, in the hospital or people's home, especially in the elderly home are often used blood pressure machine, it is an instrument for measuring blood pressure, also known as blood pressure meter. Make a accurate blood pressure mechine, the inner PCB is very critical.

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Electronic  blood pressure machine.According to the measured parts can be subdivided into upper arm type, wrist type, finger type, manual type, automatic type and so on.Its advantage is the operation is simple, the reading is direct, only needs to open the switch to be able to carry on the quantity automatically, is suitable for the family to use.

Blood Pressure Machine Pcb Circuit Board2

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At the same time,

In order to make the blood pressure machine pcb circuit board in the blood pressure machine be used in the instrument to get accurate measurement, the requirement of PCB&PCBA is also very high, we can provide you with PCB&PCBA with high quality and accuracy, so that your product can get good experience of consumers in the use process. 

files we need

Please,contract us if you need customized PCB&PCBA,send you gerber file and bom list to via email.

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