Bicycle Electric Aluminium Pcb

Bicycle Electric Aluminium Pcb

The aluminum PCB is a low-alloyed Al-Mg-Si-based high-plastic alloy sheet,has good thermal conductivity, electrical insulation performance and machinability.
Board thickness:1.0MM
Layers:single layer
Surface finishing:HASL Lead Free
Copper thickness,:1OZ
Size: 90MM*90MM

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This is very necessary. For those who like to ride bicycles, electric cars or motorcycles, there is a light that shines at night, indicating the road ahead. For good heat, the lights The production generally uses bicycle electric Aluminium Pcb.

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Bicycle Electric Aluminium Pcb

The Aluminium Pcb has the same thickness and the same line width compared with the traditional FR-4. The aluminum substrate can carry higher current, and the aluminum substrate can withstand voltage. Up to 4500V, the thermal conductivity is greater than 2.0, and the aluminum pcb is the main industry.

The aluminum-based copper clad laminate is a metal circuit board material composed of a copper foil, a thermally conductive insulating layer and a metal substrate, and its structure is divided into three layers:

Cireuitl.Layer circuit layer: equivalent to ordinary copper clad laminate board, line copper foil thickness loz to 10oz.

Dielcctric Layer insulation: The insulation is a low thermal resistance thermal insulation material. The thickness is from 0.003" to 0.006" inches, which is the core technology of aluminum-based copper clad laminates and has obtained UL certification.

BaseLayer base: It is a metal substrate, usually aluminum or copper. Aluminum-based copper clad laminates and conventional epoxy glass cloth laminates.

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As bicycle electric Aluminium Pcb widely used in pepple's life all over the word.If you want to customize your own Aluminum printed circuit board, please contact us or send your request to

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