Led Light Aluminum Printed Circuit Board

Led Light Aluminum Printed Circuit Board

The aluminum substrate is a metal-based copper clad plate with good heat dissipation function. Generally, the single panel is composed of a three-layer structure, which is a circuit layer (copper foil), an insulating layer and a metal base layer. Common in LED lighting products.
Board thickness:1.0MM
Layers:single layer
Surface finishing:Immersion gold(ENIG)
Copper thickness,:1OZ
Size: 100MM*100MM

Product Details

There are two sides on the front and back sides in led light aluminum printed circuit board.The white side is soldered to the LED pin, and the other side is in the form of aluminum. Generally, the thermal conductive paste is applied and the heat conductive portion is contacted.

Led Light Aluminum Printed Circuit Board5

Also used for high-end use is designed as a double panel, the structure is circuit layer, insulation layer, aluminum base, insulation layer, circuit layer. A very small number of applications are multi-layer boards, which can be made of ordinary multi-layer boards combined with an insulating layer and an aluminum base.

Led Light Aluminum Printed Circuit BoardLed Light Aluminum Printed Circuit Board3

The surface of the power components are mounted on the circuit layer, and the heat generated during operation of the components are quickly conducted to the metal base layer through the insulating layer, and then the heat is transferred by the metal base layer to achieve heat dissipation of the components.

Compared with the traditional FR-4, the aluminum  printed circuit bord can minimize the thermal resistance, and it has excellent thermal conductivity. Compared with the thick film ceramic circuit, its mechanical properties are extremely excellent.

Led Light Aluminum Printed Circuit Board2

In addition, aluminum printed circuit bord have the following unique advantages:

1.Meet RoHs requirements;

2.More suitable for SMT process;

3.Extremely effective treatment of thermal diffusion in the circuit design, thereby reducing module operating temperature, extending service life, increasing power density and reliability;

4.Reduce the assembly of heat sinks and other hardware (including thermal interface materials), reduce product size, reduce hardware and assembly costs; optimize the combination of power and control circuits;

5.Replacing a fragile ceramic substrate for better mechanical durability.

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As LED Light widely used in industry and pepple's life all over the word.If you want to customize your own led light aluminum printed circuit board, please contact us or send your request to sales06@noeya-pcb.com.

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