0.5mm Copper Foil 2 Layer Microwave Oven Pcb

0.5mm Copper Foil 2 Layer Microwave Oven Pcb

The principle of the microwave oven is to install a microwave generator in the microwave oven. It can generate electromagnetic waves with very high frequency, and the electromagnetic waves are generated by alternating magnetic fields and changing electric fields. Under the action of high frequency alternating electromagnetic fields, food molecules The positive and negative charged fine particles in the medium also move back and forth with the change of the electromagnetic field.
Board thickness:1.6MM
Layers:2 layers
Surface finishing:HASL lead free
Copper thickness,:1OZ

Product Details

Microwave is an electromagnetic wave. The electromagnetic wave has a large energy. When the microwave hits the metal, it reflects. The metal has no way to absorb or conduct it. The microwave can pass through insulating materials such as glass, ceramics, plastics, etc., but does not consume energy. The microwave is not only permeable, but the energy carried by the microwave is absorbed by the water molecules to produce high heat, so that the food is cooked.

0.5mm Copper Foil 2 Layer Microwave Oven Pcb1

Microwave Oven Pcb Composition0.5mm Copper Foil 2 Layer Microwave Oven Pcb31,Four unit parts

(1) Mains supply part: It consists of power plug, mains fuse FUSE, switch and wire.

(2) Boost section: mainly composed of step-up transformer T.

(3) Rectifier part: It consists of high voltage fuse H.V.FUSE, high voltage diode D, high voltage capacitor C and so on.

(4) Microwave generating portion: mainly composed of a magnetron MAG and a waveguide device (not shown).

2, Three Current Loops

(1) Mains circuit: 220V AC power flows from the socket through the fuse, the booster transformer primary, many switches, and flows back to the socket.

(2) Filament circuit: The first group of very thick coils of the step-up transformer, which provides a few volts of alternating current to heat the magnetron filament. The magnetron is actually a magnetron tube and is an electron tube. The tube is only emitted by hot electrons. It is necessary to heat the cathode by the filament to emit electrons. The magnetron here is the filament as the cathode, called the direct heating tube. The upper two loops are alternating current; in the lower loop, the high frequency and high voltage pulsating direct current.

(3) High-voltage circuit: the anode of the magnetron (screen) is grounded, the ground is the positive end of the high voltage, and the current direction flows from the ground (the anode of the magnetron) to the cathode, and then flows to the capacitor (the end connected to the positive pole of the diode) Is negative high pressure).

0.5mm Copper Foil 2 Layer Microwave Oven Pcb40.5mm Copper Foil 2 Layer Microwave Oven Pcb5


    It should be noted that the electron flow direction is exactly opposite. The negative high voltage electron flows from the end of the capacitor connected to the positive electrode of the diode to the filament, flows to the screen in the magnetron, and flows to the ground (microwave oven casing). Then from the high voltage coil, back to the other end of the capacitor (positive high voltage).

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