1.2mm Flex Audio Circuit Boards

1.2mm Flex Audio Circuit Boards

Due to light and thin also can be folded of flex circuit board, it is widely used in various audio devices, such as Walkman, disk drive, mobile phone, etc.
Board thickness:0.25MM
Layers:2 layers
Surface finishing:Immersion gold
Copper thickness,:1OZ
Soldermask:Yellow coverlay

Product Details

Flex Audio Circuit Boards features - light and short.

Light: lighter than PCB (Rigid board).

Can reduce the weight of the final product.

Thin: thinner than PCB.

Can improve softness and enhance assembly in a three-dimensional space in a limited space.

Short: short assembly time.

All lines are configured. Eliminate the connection work of redundant cables.

Small: smaller than PCB.

Can effectively reduce the volume of the product and increase the convenience of carrying.


In addition to the above features, Flex Audio Circuit Boards has some features, such as:


Can be moved, bent, twisted;

Excellent electrical properties, dielectric properties and heat resistance;

Good for heat diffusion;

Low cost;

High density wiring;

Continuous roll production (Roll To Roll).files we needPlease,contract us if you need costomize your own flex audio circuit boards,send you gerber file and bom list to sales06@noeya-pcb.com via email.

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