2 Layers ENIG Flexible-Rigid Printed Circuit Board

2 Layers ENIG Flexible-Rigid Printed Circuit Board

Flexible and rigid board with the characteristics of both FPC and PCB, therefore, it can be used in some products with special requirements, both a certain flexible area, there is a certain rigid area, to save product internal space, reduce the volume of finished products, improve product performance has a great help.

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Electronic engineer to draw the flexible combination plate according to the requirements of the line and shape, and then distributed to the plate factory can produce soft hard couple, after the CAM engineer to deal with relevant documents, planning, and then arrange the FPC production line for production line production of PCB, FPC, PCB both soft and hard board, in accordance with the requirements for electronic engineers plan, FPC and seamless bonding PCB after pressing machine, go through a series of details link, the board is made from soft hard couple, in the end.

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Product application field

  1. Industrial use-Industrial use includes hard and soft boards used in industry, military and medical treatment.  Most industrial parts require.The essential characteristics are accuracy, safety and no soil damage. Therefore, the characteristics required for hard and soft boards are: high reliability, high accuracy and low resistance

2. As soon as the mobile phone is applied to the hard and soft boards in the mobile phone, there are usually folding mobile phone Hinge and image module.(Camera Module), Keypad and RF Module, etc.  Mobile phones use hard and soft boards.The advantages of this method are the integration of parts in mobile phones and the consideration of signal transmission.  At present, mobile phone products are replaced by hard and soft boards.The combination of the original two connectors and the flexible board has the greatest significance in the product in that it can increase the resistance of the mobile phone folding point.Because of its usability and long-term reliability, hard and soft boards have attracted much attention due to their high product stability.  On the other hand, due to the camera phone.The popularity of the mobile phone, coupled with the integration of multimedia and IT functions in the mobile phone, makes the internal signal transmission volume of the mobile phone larger and requires modularization.

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