Rigid-Flexible 94V0 Power Supply PCB

Rigid-Flexible 94V0 Power Supply PCB

Transparent Rigid-Flexible 94v0 power supply printed circuit board pcb 1. Product introduction : Noeya Technology Co.,Ltd is an ISO 9001:2008, UL and SGS certified, Shenzhen-based, high-technology Printed Circuit Boards and high quality rigid-flex FPC board manufacturer. Our aim is to provide...

Product Details

Rigid-Flexible 94V0 Power Supply PCB

1. Product introduction:

Noeya Technology Co.,Ltd is an ISO 9001:2008, UL and SGS certified, Shenzhen-based, high-technology Printed Circuit Boards and high quality rigid-flex FPC board manufacturer. Our aim is to provide the best value in the industry based on product quality, turn-around time and low prices. Our experienced engineers and helpful support staff will ensure that you get rigid-flex FPC board made exactly to your specifications, and offer you the most effective and optimized solutions. 


2. Product Specification:


Rigid-Flex FPC

Board thickness:

Rigid part:1.0mm ; flex part:0.1mm


Rigid-flex ,FR-4+PI, 1OZ copper foil, with gold   finger

Surface finishing:

HASL Lead free/ENIG/Immersion silver/OSP/Gold   plating /Electroless nickel immersion gold

Solder Mask      Types:

Green solder mask in rigid part; Yellow coverlay in   flex part



Min.   Board  Thickness:


Min hole size:


Min hole   trace and space:


3. Noeya Rigid-Flex FPC Manufacture Capibility

Flex part:


Rigid Part :


4. Noeya Advantages:

1) Intermational Certifate :


2) Strict Quality Control Process:


3) Better Raw Meterials:


5. Packaging,Shipping and Payment of Rigid-Flex FPC:

1) Packaging (Our Aim: Protect your products and save your shipping cost as best)


Defalt package: Bubble, foam and K=K carton box. 

Customized package: Bubble bag, anti-static bag, cardboard, carton box with customized logo.

2)Shipping:(Accept customer choose other suitable ship way)


Samples: DHL/UPS/FEDEX/TNT/EMS with short delivery time 2-4 working days.  

Mass production: Air/Sea transportation with low shipping cost.



6. FAQ:

Q: What kind of PCB you can provide ? 
A: Rigid PCB, FPC, Rigid-flex PCB. 
Q: Can you provide free sample of Rigid-Flex FPC ? 
A: Yes, sample fee will be refunded when place mass order. 
Q: What I need to provide for Rigid-Flex FPC production ? 
A: Gerber file, Specification(includes base material, finished thickness, copper thickness, surface finishing, etc.) and Quantity
Q: I only have the Rigid-Flex FPC, not Rigid-Flex FPC, can you produce it for me? 
A: Yes, we can copy file based on your sample board, this file names gerber, and production then is accorded to gerber file. 
Q: What is your Rigid-Flex FPC test standard ? 
A: IPC class 2 or 3. 
Q: What's your standard lead time of Rigid-Flex FPC? 
A: In general, 4 working days for prototyping, 8-15 working days for mass production.

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