Round Aluminum PCB For LED Module

Round Aluminum PCB For LED Module

Company Information Noeya Technology Limited is a professional manufacturer was found in 2003. can reliably manufacture within 24 layers, the material, FR4,FR-1(94V0,94HB)and CEM-1 are all available and competitive for us. We also offer mixed board multilayer panels to ensure your prototyping...

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Company Information

Noeya Technology Limited is a professional manufacturer was found in 2003. can reliably manufacture within 24 layers, the material, FR4,FR-1(94V0,94HB)and CEM-1 are all available and competitive for us. We also offer mixed board multilayer panels to ensure your prototyping costs are kept to a minimum. Most of our products have been sold to the market of Europe, North America, South America and Australia.We have enjoyed good reputation among the same occupations both at home and abroad for our professional manufacturing technology, stable product quality and exquisite craftsmanship measure. Our products main application area is: Medical Instrumentation, Telecommunication apparatus, industry power, Automotive, Liquid crystal module, Peripherals, Computing & storage, Consumer, Networking, satellite receiver (DVB), worker person who accuse of Hi-Tech trade is it produce and design the technological service to offer


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Technological process


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1.Base MaterialFR-1/FR-4 / High TG FR-4 / Lead free Materials (ROHS Compliant) / Halogen Free material /CEM-3/CEM-1/ /PTFE/ROGERS/ARLON/TACONIC FPC
3.Finised inner/outer copper thickness1-6OZ
4.Max panel size6.Min conductor line width/spacing
5:Solder maskGreen/Black/Red/Yellow/Blue/White/etc
6:Hole tolerance

PTH: +/-3mil

NPTH: +/-2mil


Board thickness≤0.79mm: β≤1.0%

0.80≤Board thickness≤2.4mm: β≤0.7%

Board thickness≥2.5mm: β≤0.5%

8:Outline profileRout/ V-cut/ Bridge/ Stamp hole  FQC-Physical Lab: Reliability tests
9:Min conductor line width/spacing

nner layers: ≥3/3mil

Outer layers: ≥3.5/3.5mil

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Our Services

(1) We manufacture PCB,PCBA,Singe/Double side PCB, Multilayer PCB,Aluminium PCB,Spray Tin PCB,Immersed Gold PCB,HDI Mobilephone PCB,Gold-plating PCB,(printed circuit board with assembly) PCBA,SMT PCBA,DIP PCBA,PCB&PCBA Copy,PCB Assembly,OSP,HASL,etc.

(2) Expert circuit board testing, high quality factory wholesale price

(3) PCB OEM&ODM Clone/Copy, conform to UL,SGS,RoHS

We are able to provide you best electronics services.

  • PCB Production Service. (FR-4,HI-TG,Aluminum,FPC,TEFLON,CEM-1 )

  • FPC,PCB Copy Service.

  • PCB Assembly Service. (SMT, BGA, DIP)

  • IC program with HEX file.    

  • PCBA Housing assembly serivce.    

  • PCBA Final Functional Testing.        

  • PCBA Copy Service.

  • Electronic Components Purchasing & BOM List Purchasing Services.

  • PCB SMT Stencil. (Laser cut & Etching)



Q:Which type of  PCBs do you expert in?

A:We are specialized in producing HDI multilayer blind, BGA, impedance, half-hole, double-sided, single-sided, etc.

Q: What does Noeya need for a customized PCB order?

A: When you place a PCB order, the customers need to provide Gerber or pcb file. If you do not have the file in the correct format, you can send all the details related to the products.

Q: What does Noeya  need for a customized PCBA order?

A: When you place a PCBA order, you need to provide Gerber or pcb file and the BOM list to Noeya

Q:What is your testing policy and how you controle the quality?

A:For sample, usually tested by flying probe; for PCB Volume over 3 square meters, usually tested by fixture, this will be more faster. Due to there’s many steps to PCB production, we usually do inspection after every step.

Q:PCB shipment?

A:This is depend on customer, sometimes we ship through our forwarder, who is also the agency of DHL, TNT, UPS, Fedex, and so on. Our forwarder can provide too much better freight cost than we get directly from those express enterprise.

Q:.Can you design gerber file?

A:We can design gerber file if customer can provide us schematic, schematic sample can also be provided if customer want.

Q: How about the service Noeya offered to the customers?

A: If you have any questions about our products or company, do not hesitate to send us your inquiry to our customer service representatives. Your satisfaction is our pursuits.

Packaging & Shipping

Vacuum+desiccant for inner package and Shipping:


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