Single Layer Fr-4 Circuit PCB SMT

Single Layer Fr-4 Circuit PCB SMT

PCBs are almost indispensable to the electronic devices we can see. From electronic watches, calculators, general-purpose computers, computers, communication electronic devices, military weapon systems, as long as there are electronic devices such as integrated circuits, they are used for electrical interconnections.
Board thickness:1.6MM
Layers:2 layers
Surface finishing:HASL lead free
Copper thickness,:1OZ

Product Details


PCB provide mechanical support for fixed assembly of various electronic components such as integrated circuits, realizes wiring and electrical connection or electrical insulation between various electronic components such as integrated circuits, and provides required electrical characteristics such as characteristic impedance. At the same time, it provides solder mask pattern for automatic soldering; it provides identification characters and graphics for component insertion, inspection and maintenance.

PCB productioIndustrial-Inverter-Welding-Machine-PCB-Circuit-Board1n process is more complicated, it involves a wide range of processes, from simple machining to complex machining, common chemical reactions and photochemical electrochemical thermochemistry, computer-aided design CAM and other aspects of knowledge . Moreover, there are many technical problems in the production process and new problems will be encountered from time to time. Some problems will disappear if the cause is not found out. Because the production process is a non-continuous pipeline form, any problem will cause the whole line to be discontinued. Or the consequences of a large amount of scrapping, if the printed circuit board is scrapped, it cannot be recycled and reused.

Our common computer board is basically epoxy resin glass cloth double-sided printed circuit board, one of which is the other side of the component and the other side is the soldering surface of the component foot. It can be seen that the solder joints are very regular. The component foot is separated from the solder joint and we call it the pad. 

files we need

Please,contract us if you need single layer Fr-4 circuit PCB SMT,send you gerber file and bom list to via email.

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