Power Bank Pcb Assembly

Power Bank Pcb Assembly

The power bank pcb asssembly is an important part of an electronic product. It is widely used in various fields.
Board thickness:1.6MM
Layers:4 layers
Surface finishing:HASL lead free
Copper thickness,:1OZ
Silkscreen: White

Product Details

The power circuit is an important part of an electronic product. The design of the power circuit is directly related to the performance of the product.

power bank pcb module


The power circuits of our electronic products mainly include linear power supplies and high frequency switching power supplies. In theory, the linear power supply is how much current the user needs, and how much current is required at the input. The two switching power supplies are how much power the user needs and how much power is supplied to the input. Linear Power Supply When designing a PCB, the layout of the components should be compact. To make all the connections as short as possible, layout the components and traces according to the functional relationship of the schematic components.

power bank pcb assembly1You should also pay attention when designing a linear power supply PCB. The heat dissipation problem of the power regulator chip of the linear power supply, how the heat comes from. If the front end voltage of the voltage regulator chip is 10v, the output end is 5v, and the output current is 500mA, then there is a voltage drop of 5v on the voltage regulator chip, and the heat generated is 2. 5w; if the auxiliary terminal voltage is 15v, the voltage drop is 10v, and the heat generated is 5W. therefore. We need to lay out enough heat dissipation space or reasonable heat sink according to the heat dissipation power. Linear power supplies are generally used where the differential pressure is small and the current is relatively small. 

powerbank pcb assembly 2

 Switching power supply PCB design, the need to pay   attention to is: the introduction point of the feedback line,   the freewheeling diode is for whom the freewheeling. There   is also the problem of the feedback line introduction point of   the voltage detection, which should be feedback back to the   filtered place, otherwise the output voltage ripple will be   larger. These two points are often overlooked by many PCB designers. I think that the same network is not the same. There are different places, and the performance impact is very big.

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Please,contract us if you need customized power bank Pcb Assembly,send you gerber file and bom list to sales06@noeya-pcb.com via email.

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