Bluetooth Receiver Modules 4.0 Pcba

Bluetooth Receiver Modules 4.0 Pcba

The Bluetooth module is a PCBA circuit board with integrated Bluetooth function for Bluetooth wireless communication.
Board thickness:1.6MM
Layers:2 layers
Surface finishing:HASL lead free
Copper thickness,:1OZ

Product Details

Bluetooth Receiver Modules 4.0 Pcb3

According to the function application, Bluetooth module is divided into Bluetooth data module and Bluetooth voice module.

Bluetooth data modules are used in a wide range of applications, such as handheld devices, Bluetooth printers, Bluetooth remote control toys, Bluetooth serial devices, and vehicle OBD devices.

The application range of the Bluetooth voice module is also very wide, such as Bluetooth speaker, Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth car, Bluetooth intercom and so on.

Bluetooth Receiver Modules 4.0 Pcb2

1, the wiring of the Bluetooth module

The general Bluetooth module uses UART serial communication. The UART has two pins: TX (output) and RX (input). TX and RX refer to their own. Your output is the input of others. Your input is others. The output is so, so the wiring should be crossed.

Bluetooth Receiver Modules 4.0 Pcb4

2,the power supply of the Bluetooth module

The stability of the Bluetooth module power supply is a prerequisite for the normal operation of the Bluetooth chip. The general Bluetooth module comes with a 10-22uF capacitor, which works perfectly on a normal stable power supply. However, when some power supplies are unstable, including high-power devices and inductive devices, they often work abnormally. phenomenon.

Bluetooth Receiver Modules 4.0 Pcb5

3, the layout of the module

Most Bluetooth modules use multiple rows of half-holes (also called stamp holes). For the Bluetooth module of the stamp hole package, the wiring should be noted: For the unused pins on the Bluetooth module, it is best not to route them under these pins. It is necessary to route, and also to do insulation treatment to prevent the formation of a short circuit to burn the Bluetooth module or integrated circuit board.files we need

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